Getting rid of squirrels in atticSquirrel problem

Watch this Squirrel Fly out of a German Kitchen!

This is AMAZING!  This squirrel jumped at least 5 stories out of this apartment building in Germany.

Sure is one way for getting rid of a squirrel problem!

The Most Effective Way for Getting Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels are very fun loving creatures. They are continuously hopping, playing, and always on the move. However, they become a real nuisance when they start visiting your homes and make themselves comfortable. With diminishing landscapes and greenery, cities have become a concrete jungle. This leads to homeless animals that make these concrete structures, their home. … Continue reading

Determining if a Squirrel is in Your Attic

  You’ve heard some noises above you, and you’re unsure about a certain smell that’s been lingering in your home. It’s important to identify the animal in order to decide how to proceed with its removal–the most common question you should ask yourself is it a squirrel in my attic?   Even if you have … Continue reading